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Britt Patterson headshot
Britt Patterson

Mishawaka, IN

"The program provides comprehensive training and resources to kickstart a successful career in recruiting, offering valuable insights, tools, and industry knowledge to help someone excel in the field. Also, the team is enjoyable and professional! The program equipped me with essential skills and knowledge in recruiting. It helped me better understand NM sourcing, interviewing, and the selection process, enhancing my ability to identify ideal candidates. The program also taught me great networking opportunities within my agency and in the community. EGP offered valuable help/support with effective recruitment strategies, including sourcing candidates, conducting interviews, and assessing candidate fit; understanding of business development strategies to grow a recruiting business; and essential recruitment software and tools to help streamline processes and stay up to date on industry trends. I really enjoyed the opportunity for personal and professional growth, allowing me to acquire new knowledge and strategies in recruiting, which is both intellectually stimulating and rewarding! I also really enjoyed getting to know the team and how they got started at NM."
Anna Bunnell headshot
Anna Bunnell

Indianapolis, IN

“This is great! I love your program. Really digging that ideal calendar and may need to create one for myself. Thank you for keeping me in the loop on Josh’s progress. Having the help of your team has made a world of difference in getting him off to a good start."
Derek DeSanto headshot
Derek DeSanto

Scanton/Wilkes-Barre, PA

"EGP’s Recruiter FastStart Program is a 10. It allowed me to have trust in confidence that my new hire was getting the attention, training and development while I was able to continue to focus on my daily tasks. Kaitlin described the training as exceeding her expectations and I would agree that it allowed her to learn the role at a deeper and much QUICKER pace than I or my local team could have done. She is further along having gone through the program."
Alex Harbert headshot
Alex Harbert

Lombard, IL

"Kristen was amazing to work with. Her caring, time commitment, and overall expertise in the internship world has made our office more knowledgeable on how to have a successful internship program. Her true commitment to myself and helping me outside of her normal scope was very impactful to me and my development."
Jessie McCormick headshot
Jessie McCormick

West Denver, CO

"EGP’s Activity Coaching Workshop is a 10! This has been a major area of opportunity for our office. No one on our team was ever taught how to coach activity. With the knowledge Sarah shared we will be able to take our program to the next level! The ability to coach activity correctly to our CFR's. The tools and resources that were shared will allow our team to hone in on our coaching skillset. I enjoyed how personable Sarah was during the session. She was very helpful with answering questions we had and ensuring we felt the session was what we were expecting!"
Tina Hoag headshot
Tina Hoag

Syracuse, NY

"Thank you for all the work that you have helped us with! Our pipeline is filled up and we are excited to be at 11 interns already counting our March intern class. We leveraged EGP for both intern and fulltime recruiting as a resource while our recruiter enjoyed her maternity leave and our office was going through a leadership transition. EGP was easy to communicate with and helped moved the right candidates forward in our process. We were able to collaborate on ideas and continue to build our processes with EGP on our side."
Dave Kiecker headshot
Dave Kiecker

Indianapolis, IN

“I have heard about the great work Gabe does for years. After so much incredible feedback, I was now able to see why. Gabe has a unique balance of understanding NM (in several different ways), great communicator and connecter, and outstanding content! Our advisors, mentors, and leaders all were incredibly impressed. We can’t wait to have him back out!”
Nick Mannebach headshot
Nick Mannebach

Indianapolis, IN

"Gabe’s track record of success, specifically within the internship program, speaks for itself. He is an exceptional communicator and inspires greatness in others. Anyone that is looking to build culture & energy in their internship business unit deserves Gabe’s feedback and learnings. I consider myself fortunate to have grown with him early in the business and to be able to call him a friend."
Kate Michaels headshot
Kate Michaels

San Jose, CA

“I have had the pleasure now of working with the Empire Growth Team both while I was in my former New York office and now while in California. This speaks to their breadth of services as the first engagement was for support and continuity while our recruiter was on maternity leave. Our second engagement was around launching our network office and supporting me while I was on my own maternity leave which was no easy feat! SarahAnnieCharity and Kristen were critical in the training of our new talent team. It almost seems unfair to call what they are doing training—it is more of an immersion in the culture of Northwestern Mutual, hands-on development, and confidence building in the art of recruiting. As a leader, it gave me immense relief to know the Empire Team was there supporting our growth strategy.”
Larissa Martineau headshot
Larissa Martineau

Boise, ID

"Our mission is to help as many people as possible create financial security for themselves and their family. My role as a talent acquisition leader is absolutely critical to our ability to achieve that mission. Empire Growth Partners have played a key role in our success. Our team secured 5 full-time contracts in my first 5 months with Northwestern Mutual because Charity quickly identified my learning style and my strengths, and she designed a strategic training plan to ensure I would be able to provide value to our network office, our candidates, and my centers of influence immediately. She continues to provide tools, resources, and learning opportunities that enable us to capitalize on our strengths and develop into a high performing talent acquisition team. I would recommend Empire Growth Partners to all network or district offices that want to improve upon their talent acquisition efforts."
Helen Jardine headshot
Helen Jardine, CLU, ChFC, CFP, CASL, RICP, CLF

St. Louis, MO

"Empire Growth Partners is a huge asset to our organization. They have helped on-board and train new recruiters, enhanced leadership’s understanding of the activity required to achieve acquisition goals, provided resources to enrich our college internship program, and connected us to resources to improve our new representative development. Empire Growth Partners is a true partner in our success. And any organization would be well served by their passion and commitment to their clients."
Caitie Stoneback

Tampa, FL

"Working with Sarah and Empire Growth Partners has transformed the way our firm does onboarding, training and the internship program. EGP has helped us streamline our processes and become more efficient and effective in what we do. Not only has our firm greatly benefitted from EGP’s expertise, but I personally have had a tremendous amount of personal development and growth through the time and learning spent with Sarah and Charity."
Onnalee Hill headshot
Onnalee Hill

Fort Wayne, IN

"I thoroughly respect Charity and the work Empire Growth has done. It has made me stronger and more confident as a leader."
Tom Stewart headshot
Tom Stewart

San Diego, CA

"Empire Growth Partners served as our “Office of the Internship Development Officer” and helped us through a period of significant transition, onboarding two new centralized recruiters for our San Diego offices. Their onboarding platform was comprehensive, providing 6+ weeks’ worth of in-depth training that allowed our new recruiters to hit the ground running with activity. EGP provided all the necessary materials and guidance to ensure that our recruiters experienced early success and were acutely aware of the correct metrics to track on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to analyze their recruiting efficiency. Additionally, EGP provided direction on an ongoing basis, implementing a weekly huddle with each of our district offices to ensure that local leaders were advised of program trends and changes. The monthly recap slide decks that EGP created for our team helped inform our bigger strategic vision for the program and provided a snapshot of goal achievement for use with our Executive Leadership Team. All of these systems were instrumental in tracking successes and evaluating areas of opportunity to accelerate the growth of our program.

I was impressed with EGP’s expertise and understanding of what it takes to develop a top-ranked program, and tremendously value their contributions to our team."
Julia Johnson headshot
Julia Johnson

Chicago, IL

"I really enjoyed my coaching experience with Annie! The coaching was a great way for me to get acclimated to my new role. I learned so much and feel a lot more confident in my role!"
Brock Maes headshot
Brock Maes

Mishawaka, IN

"With Kristen’s coaching, I’ve had accountability which is great and needed. I have also been able to put a lot into action and feel comfortable and vulnerable enough to share my challenges and wins."
Nicholas Kruchko headshot
Nicolas Kruchko

Schaumburg, IL

"Gabe has incredible insight and guidance as it relates to mentoring, recruiting, practice management, language, etc. and is relevant in every area of my business in my time with him."
Kim Hargis headshot
Kim Hargis

Chicago, IL

"Empire Growth Partners provides 1x1 coaching as well as they go above and beyond to help the whole team out. Our firm has had success when implementing all of the recommendations that EGP offers. The team all of different strengths provides you with multiple opportunities to utilize different specialties."
Kaitlyn Stott headshot
Kaitlyn Stott

Pittsburgh, PA

"Empire Growth Partners provided a very helpful outline of a structured process to get our team on the same page. It was easy to follow and implement in our various offices. It was great to get the team together to learn and commit."
Jeffrey Jackman headshot
Jeffrey Jackman, ChFC®, RICP®

Greensboro, NC

"Sarah and her team are always incredibly relevant and impactful with their training and message. After our office spent a lot of time coaching on vision to start the new Awards year, Sarah delivered an incredibly timely discussion on The One Thing and how to break down these large goals that can seem overwhelming, and how to bite-size that task into a most important thing to tackle today. Everyone that attended could simplify their annual objectives to daily goals that would help chunk away at the larger goal and feel more connected to their vision, one day at a time."

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