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Gabe, a proud native of Cleveland, Ohio, has always been fueled by the energy of his vibrant hometown. Born and raised with his brother Ben, and loving parents, John and Sarah, Gabe's roots run in the Buckeye State.

However, Gabe and his wife, Lauren, are not content with staying in one place. They share an insatiable passion for exploring the world, with a goal of setting foot on all seven continents. Now, this adventurous duo is accompanied by their newest addition, the delightful daughter Ava!

Gabe's love for travel has taken him to remarkable places like the streets of Hong Kong, the heights of Mount Kilimanjaro, and countless golfing escapades with his closest friends.

Gabe's journey with NM began in 2012 as an intern, and he quickly proved himself, becoming a full-time advisor in 2015. Since then, he has consistently reached new heights, earning the prestigious titles of Top 10 Mike Gish, Top 3 Gold, and back-to-back victories as the #1 College Unit Director in both 2018 and 2019.

Combining his extensive experience with what he affectionately calls his "natural caffeination" and his unwavering commitment to spreading contagious happiness, Gabe is your go-to partner in propelling your vision forward.

Gabe's areas of expertise are both wide-ranging and deeply impactful, including:

  • New and Veteran Leadership Development: Helping individuals and teams grow and thrive in their roles.
  • Intern and New Rep Fast Start: Guiding the next generation of leaders to hit the ground running.
  • Recruiting and Conversion Confidence: Assisting in building a confident and effective recruitment strategy.
  • The 'Granum' Brick Road: A unique approach to achieving your goals and dreams that only Gabe can deliver.
  • Young Professional Market Internship Playbook: Equipping financial representatives with the tools and strategies for success in the young professional market.

When you work with Gabe, you're not just gaining a professional; you're gaining an energizing force of nature who's ready to bring his unwavering enthusiasm and expertise to your success story!

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